Torcello Law Firm is located on the ground floor of the splendid Renaissance-style building known as “Palazzina Di Loreto” (Di Loreto building), formerly Casa Di Loreto.
Its interiors are bright and comfortable thanks to the care they were furnished with, making the most of the spaces.

It offers a car park for customers and it is easily reachable either by private or public transport, such as bus or train.
Studio Torcello is equipped with all the technologies necessary for the modern practice of the profession.


The construction of this building dates back to the end of the 1800s. The sale of this lot by Mr. Antonio Clerico to Mr. Vito Bucco is mentioned in a notary deed dated 1892.On this lot of approx. 1020 sqm there was already a portion of the building and some excavated foundations ready for later expansion.Thanks to its position, in front of the Bucco palace and close to the railway, this building, even if only two stories high, has become an example of good architecture situated in a significantly important urban context of the old Pescara.The building was constructed above the area occupied by the old San Rocco bastion, already partly demolished for the construction of the railway track.The development of the railway-related activities first led to the enlargement of the old urban centre along the whole area of the abolished fortresses (Engineer Mazzella’s project dated 29th November 1869) and, then, to the expansion of the city beyond its boundaries, which were delimited by walls. Corso Umberto I (now Via G. D’Annunzio) was the main expansion route towards south, and later towards the pinewood; this route was perpendicularly joined by Via Conte di Ruvo, which later became the centre of the building development enhancing the whole area.

The presence of the Railway Station led to the opening of new roads, such as via Via Colonna (1871), directed towards the beach, and the road parallel to the railway (now Via Orazio) opened in 1873. Another expansion route was the extension of Via dei Bastioni towards the beach.