Corporate Income Taxation

Fiscalità Persone Giuridiche


Corporate income tax (IRES) is a proportional and personal tax with one single rate applied (24% since 2017). The provisions are included in Presidential Decree (D.p.r.) 917/1986 (Income Tax Consolidation Act – TUIR). This tax is levied on corporations and other commercial organisations resident in the territory of the State; non-commercial organisations resident in the territory of the State; commercial and non-commercial organisations not resident in the territory of the State. For tax calculation purposes, by legal presumption, the overall income of corporations and commercial organisations is always considered as business income, regardless of its source; for non-commercial organisations, the laws for natural persons apply, with any business losses being deducted from the amount obtained from the sum of all income earned in the tax period.

Torcello Tax Law Firm assist Clients who have received an order by the Revenue Agency bearing claims relating to direct and indirect taxes.

We support our Clients with the recourse to any amicable settlement instruments provided for by the law, as well as in preparing appeals against notified orders to be lodged with the competent Tax Courts, where appropriate.

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