Trademarks and Patents



Valid legal protection in support of trademarks and patents stems from a real need to safeguard them; this need is felt by companies operating in many different sectors of the market.

Specifically, our current historical-economic context, characterized by increasing liberalization and globalization, has seen a rise in the levels of competition in business activities which can no longer be carried out “anonymously”.

Since the current brands that distinguish the marketed products are potentially infinite, the meticulousness in the research and in the choice of colours, shapes or message used cannot disregard a careful preliminary analysis geared toward preventive measures relating to the lawfulness and originality of the new brand to be placed on the market.

Patents, on the other hand, which are industrial creations rather than models, need to be assessed in advance from a purely structural perspective in order to ensure the full protection desired by the inventor.

Torcello Tax Law Firm (#SLTT) offers advice and assistance in the field of protection of intellectual property on behalf of its Clients.

The firm also assists its clients in the filing and/or registration of:

  • Trademarks;

  • Patents;

  • Designs and models.

The professionals at # SLTT support their clients in conducting an indispensible prior art search when creating a trademark and in carrying out a patent feasibility study, also with the aid of a select network of specialized external collaborators.

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