Our law office deals with all matters regarding tax law from the early preparatory stages of dispute to legal representation in court. We also provide consultancy services to companies as well as to individuals.

Torcello Tax Law Office offers its clientele legal advice and assistance in all matters relating to the wine industry.

Torcello Tax Law Office also deals with drawing up contracts between two or more parties, drafting the Organisational Model ex Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 as well as collecting debts.

Our consultancy is carried out by drafting professional advice addressing every specific issue or problem related to active tax laws. We also interact with the Department of Revenue and Taxation, making enquiries whenever a controversy may arise regarding uncertain matters, in order to know in advance the exact interpretation, thus avoiding any possible future dispute.

Services provided include: Assistance to clients dealing with tax assessment and collection procedures. Assistance in carrying out mediation tax disputes by reaching a solution to pending out-of-court disputes with a tax-levying authority and/or a collection agent. Assistance to clients during litigation before a tax court judge.

Assistance to clients before both an ordinary court and a court of appeal in penal proceedings and procedures arising from disputes concerning tax frauds in violation of the regulations established by Legislative Decree. n. 74/2000. Consultancy related to the Organization and Management Model 231/2001, drawing up contracts and collecting debts, also in the wine industry field.